Saturday 13th October 2012

The Little Kicks, Night Noise Team, Body Parts

Body Parts

Glasgow’s new supergroup, comprising Jill O’Sullivan, of Sparrow And The Workshop fame, and Jenny Reeves, of Strike The Colours. Clearly creativity breeds more.

As looped beats bounce around underneath, guitars like vibraphones perfectly underpin deliciously piercing vocals, which are occasionally double tracked for added effect. A close acoustic guitar is matched by an ethereal, jangly electric. Occasionally, the second guitar is jettisoned for a looped violin.

The result is sparse yet rich, and an utter joy to hear. Never have two guitars and two vocals sounded so matched and full.

But matching the musicality is an ease of banter that has surely grown from the hours both have spent on stage and with each other. It is beguiling and neatly contrasts the otherworldly feel of the music.


Night Noise Team

Indie songs confront headlong with a funk rhythm section – like Radiohead played by Jamiroquai. The result is disarmingly groovy. With a good dollop of bombast thrown in for good measure. At times frantic, always full of energy.

As with our first band tonight, their time on stage clearly shows – segueing neatly from one song to another. And again, an easy revelry on stage is evident.

They are noisy. It is night time. Good combination.


The Little Kicks

Named after an evocative ultrasound visit, one presumes, they live up to their name, making a big noise in the small belly of the Edinburgh indie scene. Hailing from Aberdeen, they have built an impressive following around the country.

They play with dynamics like toys. It adds a further dimension that is too often lacking in live music. Loud. Soft. Why not crescendo?

The musicianship of all members is obvious. One instance is when singer Steven begins a song with only keyboard to keep him company for a good two minutes. There is conviction and talent in evidence.

It is impossible to hear The Little Kicks without imagining the rabid, thronging masses bouncing in front of the main stage at some festival. They have the scope and ambition. Time will tell.


Quite why every band tonight had a song titled “Bare Arses in the Snow”, we may never know, but one suspects Body Parts have much to answer for. This camaraderie, however, says it all about why we put on a night like this. This is not just a space with bands filling time. This is Limbo.

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