Saturday 15th September 2012

Miaoux Miaoux, Homework, IndianRedLopez


Traveling from Aberdeen to make their Limbo debut tonight, IndianRedLopez more than justify the jaunt.

The songs are epic, dark and brooding. The singer uses floor-mounted tom drum to add accents at opportune moments. This is a current favourite with some bands, but is nevertheless effective. The drummer also uses a mixture of synth and real drums to keep things interesting. The most arresting moments, however, are when the band join in on backing vocals. It adds further dimensions to the songs.

Visuals projected behind a band are not unusual, but these ones are mixed live, using a mixture of rolling camera feed and stock footage, and on homemade software no less. This shows real ambition, and also an awareness of how a performance need not simply be some guys playing some songs – it can be a full experience. With this promise, IndianRedLopez are ones to keep an eye on.



After a cracking set early this year, we welcome back the Homework boys, who waste no time in turning up the volume. If anything they sound more dirty and grungy than before, with the slightest hint of California punk. They mix rock grooves with synth oomph. The result is eminently danceable. Heads bob eagerly.

They continue to tighten their routine – the number of gigs under their belt is evident – and this only lifts the songs and the audience. There’s no fluff or padding – just emphatic grooves.

Homework have to be seen live to appreciate how busy their drummer is. Close your eyes – there’s a rock-steady but nuanced groove; open them – his hands are all over the kit, leaving no tom or cymbal feeling lonely. To do this without sounding horribly overindulgent takes some skill and confidence. Nice one.


Miaoux Miaoux

Showing why his recent signing to Chemikal Underground was a good idea, Miaoux Miaoux gets folk moving straight away. Fragile vocals are underpinned by serious, trouser-vibrating synth. It is pretty much impossible to stand still.

He does not stand still either – constantly moving between guitar, vocals and all manner of synths. He is clearly determined to neither curtail musical ambition nor simply sing over a backing track – both of these facts are to be applauded.

The real strength is Julian’s ability to transcend effortlessly from churning grooves to moments of tenderness and back again. Far from being a one-speed set, it is layered with dynamics. A compelling performance from an act who continues to grow in stature, and rightly so.


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