Saturday 13th April 2013

Comanechi, United Fruit, Vasquez


They waste no time, launching into balls-out rock that strides like a colossus. Confident, epic and always worthy of head banging. Unusual time signatures abode, and never detract from just how danceable this stuff is.

There may only be one guitar, but the bassist strums out whole chords. Sure, if you’ve got four strings, why not use them? So long as your amp doesn’t explode.

Vocals are only ever used for harmonies, but the songs don’t suffer. It’s doubtful whether lyrics would be heard over this righteous din anyway. A din which is always melodic and always enthralling.

Drummer Jon remarked of tonight, “Will be a carnal affair.” And indeed it is.


United Fruit

United Fruit are no strangers to emphatic riffing, dropped at opportune moments into furiously thrashed songs.

There is no break between songs – as the last one finishes, a steady guitar thrum sustains the momentum, before the next one kicks off.

They are not afraid to throw in the odd 7/8 time signature, but for the most part, things are no-nonsense. Not too say simplistic – just that the songs have an inexorable drive to them. Like being caught in an avalanche.

“I have a taste I can’t give up,” they intone with zeal. Right enough, there is a feverish, addictive quality to their songs. They are rightfully recruiting their own zealots.



It is hard to imagine that a solitary guitar, no matter how many effects pedals it goes through, can make quite such an amount of noise. Even less so that screeched vocals can be heard over the top of it.

Not that that matters – the stage presence and performance of our frontwoman would be awesome even if you couldn’t hear her. She physically throws herself into the role – constantly animated and compelling.

There is a delicious moment when she simply yells “wankers” as lyrics at the audience. Jolly good. There is a raw energy but also humour, pathos, and a real humanity to Comanechi. And noise. Lots of noise.

Melody is not such as big concern. The vocals, for the most part, sound like a banshee possessed.

But Comanechi are probably best summed up by the fact that there are badges and a collection box for the RSPB on their merch table. Why? That’s Comanechi.

It all ends with the audience screaming, one by one. Screaming their lungs out. Job done.

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