O Messy Life

O Messy LIfe

O Messy Life (pic by David Wala)

‘Hi I’m John Major, one time leader of The Conservative Party. You might remember me from Black Wednesday and when I allowed free labour movement in the eurozone but declined minimum wage. I’d like to tell you about O’Messy Life, a band I’m pysched on right now… O’Messy Life is the musical project of the psuedonymous David Alexander P. Christmas D’arc and between 7 and 9 other people that play instruments. It is a tyranical organization of labour that Alexander P. Chistmas D’arc rules completely by utilisation of an iron fist. Other members are occassionally whipped. If you’re reading this from Dazed And Confused or NME, everyone in the band is about 18 years old. If you’re reading from UNCUT, they’re really in their late twenties and thirties. I really get off on their music because it sounds like The Pixies, but lazier and more Irish, or, as critics have said, “like Bright Eyes”. Songs confront such universal themes as economic depression and the depression of the human soul by the incumbent weight of the entire world upon on it. O’Messy Life is a drinking song for the lost generation born 84-87. O’Messy Life seems to believe that what is best in life is crushing your enemies, hearing the lamentation of their women and helping the elderly across the street. One song is called ‘The Riff Of Sisyphus’ which must be a joke but i’m too fucking stupid to get it. Thanks for listening all, and vote nasty. John Major’

(band’s biog)