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Limbo 081 - Saturday 7th Nov 2009
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Proven Saturday Action!

Limbo returns with its second Saturday Special of the season this weekend, welcoming back one of Edinburgh's favourite bands, Sara And The Snakes, playing their re-scheduled date from June. Limbo favourites and Glaswegian japesters Mitchell Museum support alongside a brand new alt. folk Edinburgh outfit called The Last Battle (which has emerged from the ashes of former Limbo favourites Thieves In Suits).

Sara and The Snakes Mitchell Museum The Last Battle

SARA AND THE SNAKES are a blues-rock three-piece who have been electrifying the Edinburgh swamp for some time. Any one of their fans will tell you it's all about their glorious live shows. Since the Snakes' last appearance at Limbo, they've written some new material and we can assure you that it will be good.

Last seen at the club in January, everyone's been talking about MITCHELL MUSEUM this year, they make proper new wave pop n roll. They really seem to know how to enjoy themselves on stage and this is infectious. The music they make is equally, riotously fun-loving - a lysergic jaunt down richly orchestrated paths, coloured by jubilant fanfares. You know it makes sense.

Once again, we've got a brand new band kicking off proceedings at 8.00. It was only a mere three months ago that Edinburgh's THE LAST BATTLE began writing, recording and rehearsing. However, the 8-piece alt folksters have already played a handful of shows, got a debut album in the bag and a label swiftly climbing on board to release it. Through their boy/girl duets, sweeping cello and well arranged use of traditional instruments they'll create the perfect start to your evening.

All in all then, its going to be a fantastic evening in true Limbo style, but not on a school night. Get there for 8pm.

Last month's Limbo

Last month's Limbo featured the live debut of Edinburgh/Leicester outfit X In The O, supporting the Limbo debut of another group of Glaswegian jokers, The Mickey 9s, plus the return of Inspector Tapehead. It was a good night.

X In The O play first, with a sizable audience turning up to witness them. Their sound is dark, haunting, serious and very accomplished for a new band. Actually, it turns out that Ryan and Greig have been playing together as a duo for four years now, with Robin joining them about three years ago and the trio consequently experimenting with various ideas to develop the band's sound. They play for about half an hour and are all quite still on stage but this suits their style and they get a great reception.

The X and The 0 The X and The 0 The X and The 0
The X and The 0 The X and The 0 The X and The 0

The Mickey 9s are a colourful, entertaining bunch, who don't take themselves (or anyone else) remotely seriously. There's something of Punch And The Apostles and Super Adventure Club's crazy time signatures and irreverant musical fair, albeit delivered with a smile, a nudge and a wink as opposed to any more angst-ridden, neurotic expressions. It's quite a mash-up, with Antony's funky, wah-wah guitar licks aiding the general groove and lead singer/chief jester Dougie, wearing a mask, exhbiting a bit of Sean Ryder's nonchalant swagger, albeit with a more self-deprecating, less self-consciously cool air. Mickey 9s poke fun at the world, have a great time doing so and get everyone going in the process, not least tonight's audience, which is properly jumping around at the front. There's something immediately arresting and very memorable about these guys and we expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more about them in the future.

Mickey 9s Mickey 9s
Mickey 9s Mickey 9s Mickey 9s Mickey 9s

Inspector Tapehead go on last and drop the tone to a more sober mood, with their synthetic folk-pop style. There's a lovely, gently lilting nature to this group's songs, which are lyrically (and to a certain extent musically) reminiscent of Syd Barratt era Pink Floyd, with song-writer Chris playing acoustic guitar and keyboards, Jonnie Common (brainchild of former Limbo favourites Down The Tiny Steps) playing more keyboards, drummer Roy also playing glockenspiel and all three of them singing harmoniously. They have an understated, no-nonsense approach to performance, but still leave a strong impression, their amused perspective of this wonky world not dissimilar to The Mickey 9s' but just delivered in a calmer, more mannered way and, all in all, they make a great combination.

Inspector Tapehead Inspector Tapehead
Inspector Tapehead Inspector Tapehead

All pictures by Loraine Ross

If you've still not heard the Limbo Live CD, then you really must check it out on iTunes now!



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