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Limbo 025 - Thursday 15th May 2008
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Epic adventure on the Nacional express

Epic26 D ance/rock/indie band who love playing live and getting the crowd moving. With a growing reputation for consistently playing packed-out gigs with wild atmospheres, Epic26 Epic 26 have supported The View, The Dykeenies, Glasvegas and Crash my Model Car. They also count legendary ZZ Top producer Terry Manning as a fan and are currently recording their second EP.

'This band have crept under the radar and are suddenly in pole position as one of the new Scots bands to watch. Funny lyrics, a singer who sounds like Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield, a rock swagger and looks NME would burst a pluke to, they have the ingredients to make you call them your new favourite band. Lovin' Lucy has cheeky lyrics, the cleanest one being 'she's from a well-off family but that don't stop her being filthy.' Think Jarvis Cocker if he'd listened to rock rather than read books. It has the groove of Blondie with synths from Hazel O'Connor's Breaking Glass. And Stuck In Time's psychobilly stomp with lyrics like 'he plays to groupies' is the tune Babyshambles always threatened to play' (Rick Fulton, The Daily Record)

'This unique four man band take influence from rock, funk and reggae...They play with the highest degree of clarity...Excellent stuff. One of their best assets has got to be the tasty, sleazy lyrical content, which spreads across the melancholy issues of teenage hood or adult youth to nightlife, and even casual sex. Love it. The performance was momentous.' (Shono, Edinburgh Music Scene)

Nacional A little bit of The Wedding Present, a little bit Morrissey and a little bit of their own glorious magic a month before they play the Late N Live stage at Glastonbury, Nacional Nacional have received airplay recently from Steve Lamacq and Colin Murray on Radio 1 as well as regular supporters Jim Gellatly and Vic Galloway. A single is scheduled for release with Leeds' finest label, Art Goes Pop, in July.

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The Kays Lavelle W e surrendered willingly to the intoxicating charms of The Kays Lavelle, a praying mantis in the live music scene if ever there was one. The Kays pierced our skins and ambushed our hearts with their lyrical prowess, beguiling three-part harmonies and awe-inspiring musicianship on a series of slow, quiet numbers, before sending shock-waves through our systems with a slew of sonic grenades, as the volume and the atmosphere swelled to an unexpected climax.

The Kays Lavelle The Kays Lavelle The Kays Lavelle

The Kays Lavelle Pictures by Kerri Aniello. See the rest here

The Mannequins T he Mannequins then strutted on stage, resplendent and self-assured in monochrome outfits, to play a set that owed plenty to Messrs Docherty, Barat and friends but did not want for a level of inventiveness of its own, taking the tempo up several notches before unveiling their piece de resistance, Pirates! This is the one that everybody knows, an instantly infectious rabble-rouser of a tune and surely destined to inspire hearts and minds well beyond this city's borders for many months yet. Release it! Release it!!

The Mannequins The Mannequins The Mannequins. Pictures by Kerri Aniello. See the rest here

My Tiny Robots M Y TINY ROBOTS headline Limbo after months of requests for them to appear. Playing their first gigs in a number of months, they re-unveil their own, fine take on the new wave form. Singer Dylan Childs is sounding more like Elvis Costello than Morrissey just now but the legacy of The Smiths isn't far behind, albeit with a much happier heart than ever issued forth from the Manc misery. My Tiny Robots Ever the proactive publicists, MTR's unique posters - currently in wide circulation across the capital - boast a giant squid, like some glorious throwback to a Fifties B-movie. Bank on a live show that's just as exciting: not shy of rehearsing, My Tiny Robots don't disappoint.

Babybones S upport comes from BABYBONES, a fresh-faced trio making their Edinburgh debut with an electro-punk sound combining demented beats, horror-show vocals and the group's crazy, crazy dance energy. Babybones A dark heart beats at Babybones' core but it beats fast and is guaranteed to make you break a sweat!



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June 5th sees Pravda visit Limbo all the way from Paris. The Parisian Pravda electro-punks kick out the jams on their debut UK tour. A must see show!

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Widely viewed as Scotland's answer to the Arcade Fire and gaining rapid momentum following BROKEN RECORDS the release of their debut single and an A&R frenzy in London, Broken Records headline on Thurs 29th May.

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We're going to start filming all Limbo gigs and we need help to track down the next generation of music film-makers in Scotland. Can you help us?

You'll need basic video skills and lots of enthusiasm for music. Like the Limbo photographers, you'll get good access to the music industry and great promotion for your work. Give us a shout using or pass the address on to your friends. Thanks!


Also coming up at Limbo: The Mannequins, The Kays Lavelle, Epic 26, Nacional, My Tiny Robots, Baby Bones, Broken Records, Y'all Is Fantasy Island, XVECTORS, Salon Boris, Come In Tokyo, Super Adventure Club,Swimmer One, Action Group and The Penny Blacks plus loads of other buzzing brand new acts.

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Don't forget you can take advantage of £2 bottles from any of the Voodoo Rooms' three bars by showing your Limbo wrist-band to the bartender.


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Limbo takes place at The Voodoo Rooms, West Register Street, Edinburgh.

Times: 8pm - 1am *
First band 9.15, second band 10.00

Entrance: £5/£4 *

Ph: 0131 556 7060 (venue) / 0131 477 6916 (promoter)

* except where otherwise advertised

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